Hi Lovely Kate,


Thought I’d write a letter because people didn’t know what to say in the video. Maya declined and as you can see  Max didn’t have much to say


 All’s well here. Well I mean all is as things ‘should ‘ be with no unusual surprises. So ‘All’s well here’ means  that Kathryn, Maya, Max & I are all well, but also that Kathryn’s  Mum (in hospital—Norwich)  and Dad (in hospital—Limoges) are perhaps dying now? So were all geared up for that. Kathryn is in France for a few days to see her Dad.

My hut house is spectacularly wonderful with new ornaments and a freezer. Here I keep my home made bread and my lunches  for work which  I prepare 7 days at a time. I’m choosing not to eat meat and dairy for various reasons (unless it would be rude or just bloody annoying to decline otherwise), and when my tins of sardines run out I might just stick to a Vegan diet without being a Vegan because I hear they are a bit weird.  I feel very good on it to date and if it kills me I’ll let you know.

Christmas is coming which I always very much enjoy and look forward to with much excitement. I’ll don my Santa outfit, barge in with the stockings and argue Santa’s real existence with the kids regardless of any observational facts.

I hope all is very well with you in your last year at Uni. I guess you’ll be up in the Lakes for Christmas – hope you have a very lovely time.

Maya took her singing exam today; she feels she did OK. She had a recent Karate competition and won a couple of large shield shaped gold medals which is lovely to have.

Max is doing very well as far as I can see. He seems a happy boy but rightly finds it difficult to make sense of life.

Love you very much. Hope you’re happy most Lovely Kate,

Lots and lots of Love (not yet dead) Dad xxxxxxxxx (right now I’m feel good!)