What we die for

We die for Love, not for doctrine.

Love has no rules and cannot be contained by rules.

The rules of religions ("the Sabbath") are of the old wine in old wine skins.

The new wine of Love will only burst the old skins.

We must now act with Love, free from rules and customs. But Love must be known and understood to be practiced, and Love respects and never goes out to insult or belittle.

We do not die for earthly kings, be they of the priesthood or the secular.

We only have one King, and this King is the only One and True God.

So, what is Love?

Love does not separate.

Those who put their faith in religion and doctrine and their history and their culture, rather than in the Love of God, cause separation because everybody has their own history. Put your faith in God's Love for you first. This will not fade away. Your culture and religious rules will fade away. Your religious rules are only good if they help you to remember to put God's Love first in your life. Otherwise, your religious rules are nothing more than idols, and putting them before God's Love is idolatry. And you will become like a tribe or a group where you will exult in your petty differences calling your own customs God's Will and everybody else's customs not of God's Will. Now you can so quickly feel superior, so quickly get offended, so quickly despise and even attack other 'tribes' with customs and books different to your own. And you do this because you have forgotten God or never knew God, but in your lostness and fear you turned to yourselves for comfort and not to God who loves and creates all peoples.

What separates? Satan separates. Do you serve God or help Satan?

Love forgives.

After your religious practices are you moved to: Help others? Forgive others?

or are you moved to hold a grudge against certain peoples because you feel self-righteous? Would you even attack others, hurt them and call this God's Will?

What is in your heart will show in your actions:

Love and help? ....and forgive?
or think yourself better?
despise others?
get angry?
even go on to attack and abuse?
Your choice. God will let you choose, and you will choose, and you will be accountable.

Love knows the Truth.

And the Truth is that only God knows the deepest recesses of the heart. God and those God has made without sin or those where God has removed all sin. Are you one of those? If not, why are you so quick to condemn? If God who knows, forgives, why do you condemn? Surely if you condemn you do not know the Truth? Do you then argue that you can judge the fruit of a person and therefore know if a person is Godly? Yes, you can, and you can put an uncivilized dangerous person in jail to protect that person, and to protect the public; but in your heart do you condemn that dangerous person, or do you love and help him in prison?

Holy people from all cultures, including your culture, have found God's Love, and in their writings, you will see the call to Love. God's Will, God's Purpose, God's Design, God's Truth. And God's Love cannot be confined by human doctrines and the language of mortals. We will give it names, but understanding only comes from entering this Love and doing God's Will by God's Grace, where we have no right to congratulate ourselves, but only to thank and give praise to God.

Does this negate all religious histories? No, on the contrary it acknowledges God's Word in multiple cultures and histories.

and of course, there is more about Love in many scriptures......

but the point is this....if you die for your religion but do not die for God, you do not die for God. If you die for your country but do not die for God, you do not die for God.

And do you say that your religion is God? And that if you die for your religion, you must be dying for God. No. This is you creating a human made image of God and confining this to your small history. Everybody has their religion. Even the non-believers though they use different terminology. Your religion is, or should be, an expression of your faith. You could have faith in anything. But faith in God means faith in Love. And regardless of what you say and preach, it is what you do that shows what you have put your faith in.

God is Love, God is Truth, God is Beauty, praise Him.