Benedictine Monks

pic Benedictines follow the rule of St. Benedict. St. Benedict founded the monastery of Monte Cassino in the sixth century. His rule was soon widely adopted and he is now seen as the father of western monasticism. Benedict focused on the asceticism of living with one another in community. He discarded the stricter physical asceticism of the desert fathers for one of humble willing service to the brethren or sisterhood. To do this he pointed out the need of an enclosure where the world would not disturb the monk, and where the monk could not escape into the world. In the monastery the monk was to face up to his failings with firm courage. It was often easier to run to the world for comfort in the guise of helping others. Benedict's feast day is on July 11.

I was a Benedictine monk for three and a half years. Benedictine houses (monasteries) are numerous, in the main rich, and have many resources. Carthusian monasteries are different. On this page I wish to concentrate on the Carthusian order. For (lots) more 'Benedictine' information see:-

Yahoo search on Benedictines

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