It is all simply to do with Love

Not a desirous ache for something you want or can't feel you can live without, but a Love that is of service and care and giving as opposed to taking.

You do not need to be clever to know God.

Love is a gift from God. Just ask for it. Love grows by doing it. Take the leap of faith and choose to Love.

You can't do anything of God's work without God's Love. With God's Love you can't do anything but God's work.

Ask for it throughout the day every day. And choose to do it throughout the day every day. It brings tears of joy, happiness, determination to do good, energy, enthusiasm and gratefulness. It brings Life.

It is the source of healing. It heals mental health, spiritual health and with these we know it can heal the body. But if your bodily death looms, focus on God's Love. It's a choice; choose to be with Love.

Do not mistake Love for desire. They are opposites and yet we use the same word for both. When "I love you" means I want you so much I can't live without you - this is selfish desire. God's Love gives, it does not take. God's love, true Love, is not needy or possessive but selfish desire is. God's Love doesn't desire anything but God's Love. It does not desire a lover, a person, a thing or even this fleeting bodily life. Neither does it desire bodily death. It desires God's Love. Love readily gives; it possesses and wants for nothing. God's Love is inexhaustible and eternal, and in it so will we be. But out of it we won't. It is free, inexhaustible and everything we need for happiness and joy. It is the pearl. Take it.