Times with the Master

Novices spend time with the Master. This is to help the novices in the spiritual life and also teach them the customs. The meetings are based around the reading of the constitutions. The constitutions explain how and why the Carthusians live as they do. Moderation, as in the rule of St Benedict, is very important. Balance is taught to ensure a wholesome existence in cell. The structure of the day is laid down for novices. It is thought that a strict observance will help the novice remain balanced. Later on in the monk's life more flexibility is accepted.

The constitutions are read from beginning to end. Any concerns are raised and discussed. Any concerns regarding the novices' spiritual life are also aired. The spiritual journey is walked by many. Along this journey there are similar encounters we all will experience. This is why somebody who has journeyed this Way can be a guide to others who journey the Way. This journey is a real encounter with reality, a spiritual path of maturity. Those who have travelled it may write about it. Yet reading their experience does not give understanding of the journey. The journey is only known by journeying it. We are all invited to journey it.

Click here for a painting of a Carthusian Monk sent to me by email. I do not know anything about it except that I like it.

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