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Sept 2003

Contact list updated

May 20 2000.
Apologies for not replying to email for most of the first half of 2000. There has been aweful trouble with the email client and a lot of email has been lost. I am very sorry about this. If the mail you have written is still on your system you may consider re - sending it. Previous problems are hopefully resolved now.

Feb 2000.
What a number of people have been waiting for for a long time! - The Carthusian Constitutions are now included (see under Carthusian Information). These were made available by the official Carthusian Homepage - but recently this part appears to be off line - so here they are online.

More have joined (and continue to join) the contact list to discuss things generally Carthusian. I want to mention one person who has joined who may be of particular usefulness as a resource, and this is Fr. Michael Holleran who lived as a Carthusian for 22 years in 3 of their monasteries, at one stage the procurator the English Carthusian monastery, St. Hugh's. You will find further details on the list.

Carthusian Lay Contemplatives, of which members can communicate at, has a new homepage.    It has a picture of a monk at Mount of the Transfiguration Charterhouse in Vermont, USA.  Included are a link to your site as well as others related to the Trappists and the Carthusians.Go to  October 1999

Online Carthusian forum (See webpage selection - No. 8 - Carthusian literature) Sept 1999

Link to the Certosa di Farneta in Italy.

Meeting forum. List of others to meet and talk to regarding the Carthusians July 1999

New pictures of monasteries, new webpages regarding the Carthusians, new books. July 1999

Link to the official Carthusian HomePage and link to Anthony Lanford's email who is willing to act as a source of information about the Parkminster Carthusians; March 1999


More literature about/by Carthusians; March 1999

More literature about/by Carthusians; Oct 16 1998 - Link to obtaining Carthusian liturature

Painting of a Carthusian Monk. See "Memories of Carthusian Life (Gives new menu)" under "Times with the Master"; May 24 1998

More literature about/by Carthusians; May 24 1998

More literature about/by Carthusians; Dec 9 1997

More pictures of Carthusian monasteries. Find the list of monasteries in "Carthusian Life - an introduction" and scroll down list for pics.- July 1997 -

Some time earlier this year -1997- (can not remember when) an update on personal reflections of Carthusian life. See "Memories of Carthusian Life (Gives new menu)"