Life and Pain

So much pain - whatever we try to do to rid our lives of it, so much pain. That’s OK. That’s OK. Why? Because it is short lived, as our lives are, and pain helps us make God’s Love our only happiness that can never be taken away – ever.

It's said that there are two evils; moral evil and natural evil. The first is about what humans choose to do, the second is about nature, earthquakes, viruses, floods, etc.

Why is what is called natural evil, evil? We are born into this world which we had no design of and it is the only world we know. And in this world all that lives dies and all that is formed erodes away. This is how it is and there is no other. So what ridiculous audacity to call it evil!? What are we comparing it with? Why should it be anything else? But we can call it wonderful, beautiful and amazing.

So nature is not evil; it is nature. Lions kill to eat, some babies die with disease. This is how it is.

Then there is moral evil. This comes from us when we act without Love. When we act with greed, envy, lust, hate, sloth, gluttony and any form of selfishness when not acting from Love.

So with either where is the argument that God is evil, or God can’t be omniscient and all Loving because of the ‘awful things that happen’ on earth? Well earthquakes aren’t evil even if we die from them. Cancer isn’t evil even if I die from it. It’s absurd to call cancer evil. It is just a bunch of rogue cells (rogue from our perspective). And moral evil? You don’t want that? Well choose not to do it…..

……...choose not to do it even if you die in the process……..And this is the point. If you call this life on earth ‘the only life’ and attribute too much importance to it you’re not going to make sense of this Universe and then you are going to call it ‘evil’. What is important is how we deal with the hand we have been dealt here on earth. But this life on earth is transient and not so important. What is of the highest importance is how we choose to act on this earth. Real life is being with God, and dying on this earth needn’t interrupt that. Read the scripture again and again daily. If you want to Love, it will make sense.

I read the Bible every day. From beginning to end. All. Every word – it takes some weeks/months, and then read it again.

I read the Quran every day. From beginning to end. All. Every word – it takes some weeks, and then read it again.

And God speaks to us in many other works of scripture as well.

They tell us to know God, turn to God, make God our hope and our strength and our joy and to love our neighbour.

If you don’t make Love your value, it means you are not making Love your value. So what have you decided to make the highest guiding value in your life? And why do you think that this is better?

Pain is not good or evil – it's not nice.

Pleasure is not good or evil – it’s nice.

We know that too much of a nice thing ends up not being nice.

This is the perfect place for us to be for now.