Where is the proof of God

There is no proof.

Look at nature and reflect.

Look at humanity and reflect.

Read scripture and reflect.

Make your choice. It relies on honesty.

Your honesty.

Do you want to put you faith in the God of Abraham?

Look at everything and reflect. Be honest. Be courageous. Be deep.

Make your choice.

Do you want to put your faith in the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed?

What is this God?

Are you bothered to find out?

What sort of person would choose to put their faith in Love. A redeeming Love that can resurrect?

What sort of person wouldn't?

Make your choice.

What do you want?

Look around. See everything.

It is a leap of faith. It is about choice. It's meant to be about choice, about what you put your faith in. It is not meant to be about proof.

You will not find proof.

Do you want to put your faith in God?

What is this God?