Prayer is about only one thing. For God's Will to be done.

Prayer is about changing only one thing: To increase our capacity to Love.

Prayer is never about asking God for what you want. Prayer is about asking God for the grace to do what God wants. Prayer is about asking to live in His Presence, in His Love, no matter what awful things are happening. God already knows what hurts you, already knows what you want. These trials come to give us opportunity to give up more of what we hold dear, and turn more to the Love of God.

So, we work hard on this Earth to make things better for all, but we accept the trials when they come our way as Jesus shows us in the Garden of Gethsemane, where although suffering, asks that God's Will be done.

Do these trials hurt? Yes, they do. But whatever they are, what is more important to you? God's Love? God's Will? To act with Love? Or to let anger and hate, or lust or greed, or gluttony or pride, or envy or slothfulness, take over and act without Love? What is more important to you?